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"Flame Corridor"

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"Flame Corridor"

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Stage Boss : OilMan

NOTICE: This map is located on the European MMPU server. Select the Euro flag, then search for it and you'll find it.

No enemies, no retry flags, plenty of hazards. It's you versus the course when tackling this moderately difficult level where sliding is your best friend. Initially you will be forgiven just one hit from the lava sprays. However, if you pick up all the health capsules along the course, you'll be allowed to make four mistakes before death awaits.

It isn't as hard as it might sound, honest!

Reviews ( 2/2 )
Mega Forte : "---"

Very creative with the water and flame-shooter traps over the first conveyor belt series, that you had to constantly slide. However, I couldn't time the second one just right. Good thing MM can take more than one hit, unlike his weaker brother. The platform on the oscillating water pump was also a very devious and clever trap. I've never played a stage that was as fun to slide over conveyor belts while avoiding traps, as this one! Once again, I was a little peeved about the obvious lack of checkpoint flags in your stage.

Once again, I give a 5 for EXPERT MM Challenge, and a 5 in overall creativity. Great work, LNQ!!


Michilio : "---"

The first level I've played where I am actually glad it suffers from slowdown :P. The conveyor part was innovative, though I did have to wait a long time for those lifts to appear, the first time I had the urge to simply jump into the pit because I didn't think they would come and that it was simply a joke. The lack of checkpoints didn't really bug me, as the level wasn't too big.


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