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"Son of a Glitch"
"Glitch Overkill!"

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"Son of a Glitch"

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Stage Boss : PartyBall

Party Ball: "Huh, who are you?"
Wily: "Get up..."
PB: "But who are you?"
Wily: "My masterpiece..."
Wily: "Dr. Light he is my nemesis, now go, destroy him!"

Notes: Glitch Mania! Basically this level is all about those little known moves and glitches, expect some stuff from Joyslider, Dessert Storm, Air Time and Jet Grind Oilman, as well as some unseen silly glitches and moves.

Disappearing blocks, being pushed through objects, time bombs walking through you, enemies going through blocks, block shaking, lava sprout glitch, tile block glitch, gutslift glitch, water+flameblock+hyperbomb glitch and more stupendousness awaits!

Level is on the EU Server


To oil hop of spikes, put a slick on the spikes, then perform the oil jump (up and jump) immediately as you land on the slick.

By activating TS, you can be pushed by objects like pendulums over objects.

Basically 90% of the time the blocks show which weapon you are supposed to use, course you still need to figure out how to use it.

Reviews ( 2/2 )
ASR : "---"

Played it asap, because I love your glitchy madness.

This stage was more for laughs than anything! A lot of the stage was all previously learned obstacles from your other stages, so I didn't have trouble for the most part, but that certainly didn't take away from the fun! The fact that the entire stage was almost entirely made with glitchy obstacles just made it worth playing in itself.

So many crazy things going on here, and although a lot of it is most likely unclear to most people, it's certainly going to put smiles on peoples' faces or make them go "HOLY... WHAT THE?!?!?!! COOLCOOLCOOLx23343"

My all-time favorite moment was stepping on that Walking Time Bomb near the end-ish area, and it took a few steps and it fell through the single space pendulum. I was expecting something much more earth-shattering than it just to simply disappear, but when it happened I just thought "Oh... well, that's still FUNNY LOL LMAO ROTFLMAO LOLMAOROTFLOLMAOTFL!"

I mean, it was so obvious, I feel like a Canadian for thinking something different.

5/5/5/5 for the awesome glitch-fest, Michilio.

Don't count on this EVER making it into the Hall of Fame!!!


Cleft : "---"

Did you know?

This stage is directly under a glitchy one?

zomg! Glitchy stage under a glitch in the level list! If only there was one directly above it. WE WOULD HAVE TIC TAC TOE!

Yeah, review. Fun and wierd level. Especially the double ice block generator and green helicopter guy. And I never knew that bombs would fall through the fire blocks, I had such a hard time trying to not hit the blocks and get it to blow up the bomb blocks. Then I noticed it fell through. <_<

I liked the TS stuff.

4/5 for difficulty. I never had something that I couldn't take on after a a few tries.

5/5 for uniqueness. This is self explanitory.

4/5 for length. Long level. Not mega long. Or should I say rock long? Still, long enough.

5/5 overall.

It's educational! Yay!


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