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"Dessert Storm 2"

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"Dessert Storm 2"

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Stage Boss : BombMan

Story: Trouble is brewing again in Trans Special Land. After the fall of Oilman's rule several crazy terrorist cells come to claim the levelset. It's up to Iceman to prevent Bombman from blowing Trans Special Land to bits.

Notes: More Iceman fun. Easy ideas gone horribly wrong once again, lots of new setups and overall quite a bit harder then the original.

Level is on the EU server per usual.


Walk back or up / down ladders to respawn enemies.

Freezing lavasprouts will make objects fall through them or be pushed off.

Red dots indicate ceilings and shooting points.

There are some alternative ways around some obstacles, observe carefully.

If you stand in a lava sprout when you freeze you will be on top of it.

There's no shame in getting hurt, there are quite few cases when taking the pain is easier then crossing the obstacle the right way.

Reviews ( 2/2 )
LanceHeart : "---"

Definitely the ultimate Iceman level at this moment. Course you lack any real competitors, but damn Mich, you sure put the bar incredibly high for them! If you think Iceman is too limited in his challenges, this is the level to prove you wrong.


Michilio : "---"

It's alright ASR, I'll forgive you this once. ONLY THIS ONCE!


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