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"Light my Fire"

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"Light my Fire"

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Stage Boss : OilMan

Story: Fireman and Oilman are fighting over Roll again about which one will give her the heat or a much needed fill up. They decide to settle it in a duel. But seeing as Oilman is weak to fire they decide to make the challenge even by fighting it out in an Artic wasteland. Will Fireman be the one to light Roll’s fire?

Notes: Lots of melting, timebombs and putting the flame on and off. But apparently not only is Fireman immune to burning oil and flame rails, you can also use them to reignite him after his fire goes out, shock horror!

Located on the EU Server


In order to keep those flame rails going where you want you might have to jump a little back into the starting direction to get another flame coming.

To get passed the 2nd puzzle after the 1st checkpoint, first stand on the left edge of the block so you get fired up, then jump to the right platform, but before landing in the water shoot to destroy the flameblock. Now jump a little to the left to get the flame coming and jump out of the water and melt the obstacle.

Reviews ( 3/4 )
ASR : "---"

Michilio, this was brilliant! You see tons of stages where water is used to extinguish FireMan's flame (even you've done one before), but this was a great way to make the surface of the water in Elemental Special come into play VERY nicely. I enjoyed the earlier parts of the stage much more, although the same types of obstacles returned near the end. Also, I really thought the drop-screen Flame Rail obstacle was too annoying, seeing as the death sequence takes longer than one attempt, and every time you fail, you have to kill yourself.
Other than that, I thought every aspect of the stage was top-notch. I gave it all 5's, even for difficulty, because the only reason I didn't have a super-hard time with it is because for some reason, I am EXTREMELY lucky with jumping before melting a Melt Block.

5/5/5/5, Michilio! Brilliance at its best!


Iggy : "---"

Sir Michilio the Great

Light my Fire:

Great level, and a nice story to go with it. Its a race to Rolls heart! In the end, someone will either fill her up or spread it in her face <_<; Nice Fireman stage with some great unique challenges. The stage is all about getting lit up again to proceed to the next area. Although I did see the oil blocks burn under water and you had to race to the surface to get lit up again before, it was still a great experience. The challenges this time weren't as hard as the others, but this doesn't mean the levels bad in any way. Now I don't want to talk about the different challenges alot, because I think its best for people to find out for themselves. A level that everyone must try.

Difficulty: 4/5


MrPerson : "---"

It was a solid stage, right up to the end, where it got annoying with the floating flameblock elevator. Still I've seen worse and you've done worse, so I won't take it out of your rating.


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