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"Jet Surf Oilman"
"Underwater Oilman Action!"

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"Jet Surf Oilman"

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Stage Boss : PartyBall

Story: Following up on Jet Grind Oilman, Oilman managed to stop the haywire system of the Sky City construction site. Unfortunately that also shut down the thrusters that kept the place in the air. As the site slowly sinks away in the ocean Oilman has to make his way to the escape pod area, but with the place already in shambles and under water, Oilman damaged and the security robots unable to identify friend from foe, it ain’t going to be a pleasant ride.

Info: After experimenting with water in Genocide Cutter I thought about making the most out of Oilman’s floating ability by making an underwater level, rather then the usual slide the surface stuff. It will probably require some time getting used to it, but this certainly pops up a lot of new possibilities. I could have done a better job with the enemies, but alas I wanted helicopters and bombs and there was only one enemy set that had both of them. The oil buster as a weapon is friggin useless under water and could’ve created some hilarious situations no doubt, oh well maybe I or someone else will exploit that in the future.

Tips & notes:

The oil jump is not needed as often as in Jet Grind Oilman, but you will still need to cancel out the board. To gain a height boost as well as cancel the oil board press up and jump, while jumping with the oil board.

Oil board can slide over 1 block pitfalls, even if those contain spikes.

The oil board only cancels when it crashes into something, so you can put a roof above Oily’s head.

If you press up or down at a ladder the oil board is cancelled automatically.

The oil board can also slide over 1 block pitfalls if they are just above you. Doesn’t work with spikes though.

Oil boards can’t activate time bombs.

If an item like a bomb falls on a block it blows up, that should save you from one death :P.

At the first flame block float, simply wait till they reach the top and then go under them.

Block creators can’t spawn blocks if you’re just below them.

The first checkpoint spike thing might seem friggin hard at first, but trust me it could’ve extended far further. Shoot oil from the respawn point and try to jump on it as soon (but not instantly) as possible and press left.

To get past the first block spawn thing, shoot it 3 times and the final time jump forward and shoot.

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LanceHeart : "---"

What the? Where did all the reviews go? Oh well to recap, you're Oilman and the level is pretty much entirely underwater, however underwater the oil slider works quite differently, creating an absolutely unique experience.


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