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"Fireman Reburns"

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"Fireman Reburns"

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Stage Boss : BombMan

Story: Dr. Light is organizing a contest to see who his best work is. Currently the semi-finals are going on and Fire Man has been pitted against Ice Man. First to 10 wins is declared the victor and it’s 9-7 in Ice’s favour. Fire Man isn’t planning to lose to that Eskimo. Thinking that if Mega Man has the ability to copy weapons then he must have them too! He sets off to beat Bomb Man so that he has Ice Man’s weakness. It seems ol’ Bomb Man is hiding in the abattoir from Cut Man. Cutter might not be able to melt that ice, but Fire Man sure can. And so Fire Man sets off to beat Bomb Man.


Well it seems people still download and finish the original version, so I might just as well put a page up for it. Level's on the EU server.

This time around I went for a more puzzle like approach with melting ice and such. Some might be a bit tricky to figure out, but feel free to ask if any part seems impossible. This stage is bigger then my first, but split into 2 paths, so it’s shorter if you go by a single path.

This level is on the Eur Server, which means you first have to select the Eur server before typing in the ID, or you will get no results.

The Fire Shield can kill enemies above it, might be handy in that first area to easen the jumps.

If you tip toe on ice blocks (fast light jumping) they won’t melt.

Because of the fire shield fire blocks will break if you use your attack while standing on them, so don’t.

The split happens at the second conveyor section after the first checkpoint.

To take the upper path, simply jump when the last block melts.

To take the lower path, do nothing and get carried by the block, then when the ice melts be sure to land on top of the block and simply walk to the right.

The lower path is shorter and probably easier, but both paths will have their fair array of challenges.

Be sure not to forget to look at the floor if you take the lower path.

Use Fire on the oil before you attempt to walk, it works better.

If the ice melts or the blocks block your path, simply walk a little back. No block maker in the current set I used so live with it, if it does happen you probably just ran away to escape certain death :P.

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Mega Forte : "---"

Most insane melting-ice and conveyor-belt gauntlet run ever!!!

Requires lots and lots of time, patience, skill, and nerves of steel!

I had a longer, more in-depth review for this great Fireman stage a month ago, but unfortunately, I lost it!! >:( ;_;


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