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"A quick path of Fire"

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July 6th, 2008

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Stage Boss : FireMan

This is my first stage i've made. I obviously need more improvment. But i need help telling what they are. In a way, this level tries to have a halloween theme(and a fire theme). ENJOY!

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Jin Saotome : "Needs lots of work, sorry."

I downloaded this stage hoping that maybe, like myself, you had also created a 1st stage worth playing... I was wrong...

There‘s nothing but a bunch of enemy spam on this stage. Once you make three jumps, climb a ladder, and make 6 more jumps, a single block wide, there‘s the boss door. I dont care that it‘s your 1st, a stage is a stage, regardless of it being number 1, or 999. A stage is a stage. And if you think I‘m being a jerk, or whatever, go ahead and look at my 1st stage... pure quality.

I don‘t know if you‘ve created anything else, so, I dont know if you‘ve improved since this one or not, so I wont bother telling you what does and doesn‘t need to be done.

I origonally gave you a 3, as opposed to a 2 because it‘s your 1st.. But, then again, when a score‘s so low, what difference does it make?


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