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"--Les stage numero 2"

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Stage Boss : IceMan


Yay! My second ever stage!

Like my first stage, 9-ManMazeRayJack has a different path for every character. Unlike my first level, you can now play as Megaman, and the paths are much longer and more involved.I hope I was generous enough with retries/lives, because this stage has some VERY hard parts, ESPECIALLY CUTMAN! Nevertheless, I have been testing this stage all night, and every area is completely, 100% POSSIBLE, although it might not seem so at first. In fact, I've tested my level enough to be able to play through it with any character, dieing only minimal times. I've only beaten 62 of the challenges.....do you want to be ouskilled by ME? Didn't think so! Don't forget that this is a maze: if you can't see the way to go right away, look around a bit. My only regret with this level is the slowdown. I tried removing all my walls to cut it down, but there are still some parts with it. Some parts get slowed down and you can make your jumps easier, taking away from the difficulty a tad.....but don't worry, this stage is still plenty hard. I'm most proud of the way I interwove the paths: if you play as more than one character, you'll see the many times the paths cross, and sometimes you'll be going in a different direction through the same path, depending on which character you are. In fact, sometimes you will pass an area you have already been too, but are now able to go to a different exit depending on which entrance you took. Overall, I'm very happy with the way all the paths turned out. I'll give you a quick rundown of each character's path.

Start Megaman's path by going left and sliding under the Blue Switch Blocks. Megaman's path has mostly vanishing block puzzles and enemy dodging, with some platforming. His path is pretty basic, but only a little boring.

Warning! Cutman's path has an INSANE puzzle involving a moving wall of vanishing blocks! It IS possible though, so keep trying. Start Cutman's path by going left and wall-jumping to a ladder in mid-air. Cutman's path is very hard, especially considering the vanishing block puzzle. Honestly, I sometimes play my level as Cutman when I'm bored. Then again, I do love Cutman gimmick stages in general. Anyways, I'm pretty proud of it.

Start Gutsman's path by going left and jumping down the Guts Break Blocks. Gutsman's stage is kinda hard, but mostly because it's hard to hit some enemies because of placement, although there is a very hard puzzle involving break blocks. (It won't seem hard after you do it, though.) Gutsman's stage is not very good compared to the other RMs, I suggest you play as him last.

Start Iceman's stage by going left and destroying the Ice Box. Honestly, Iceman's stage is very short. It's kinda fun though, and you'll need some precision and timing to beat his stage. S0-so difficulty.

Start Bombman's stage by switching the Switch Ball and going left. I had a lot of fun making Bombman's path. There is one puzzle involving oil slicks and a walking timebomb that's pretty nifty. Early on in the stage you'll have to do some backtracking. Remember one thing when doing Bombman's stage: check the floors for bomb blocks you might have otherwise missed: you don't want to go off the path and have to backtrack!

Start Fireman's stage by going left and melting the snow blocks. I'm going to level with you: Fireman's stage is easy. The hardest part of the stage is Iceman, the boss. There are only a few snow block puzzles and they are't that long. Give it a whirl though, it's not too bad. One note: at one point, going up a ladder into a room automatically melts a block that you need to jump on to continue. Climb down the other ladder and right back up to reset the blcok.

Start Elecman's path by riding the Elec Block left. Elecman's path varies in difficulty, mostly staying on the quick and easy side, but occasionally switching over to the hard side. Be careful of where you shoot your Thunder Beams!

Start Timeman's path by going left and breaking the Time Box. Timeman's path, like Iceman's, is short and sweet. There is only one real place that you need Time Slow or else you'll die, but there are a few places where it comes in handy. Difficulty is pretty easy. Also, after the Octobattery part, where you try to jump across that hole, don't worry, you can't make it. You're supposed to fall down.

Last but not least, Oilman. Start Oilman's stage by going left and breaking the Oil Box. Oilman's stage is probably the shortest, but also one of the most difficult, aside from Cutman and maybe Bombman. His path will definitley keep you on your toes!

Well, there you have it, my stage. I put a lot of time into it, so please tell me what you think!

Reviews ( 2/2 )
Power Man : "---"

Awesome level. Reminded me of the 9-man labrynth. Great job using all of the characters' abilities.

Difficulty- Pretty challenging for all characters, the hardest is CutMan's path, while the easiest is OilMan's path.

Uniqueness- You want a level of your own, and not be reminded of a another level, especially if it's the same concept of another level. However, you pulled off your own version of a 9 man level so well, I gave you a 5 here anyway. Nice Job.

Size-Decent size, but doesn't really matter, since you kinda stray from the main path with a different character. So depending on who you use, it can be long or short.

Overall-Fantastic on just a second level, I look forward to your future works. Superb Job!


Cleft : "---"

Great Sinester Seven esq level.

I beat it as gutsman, elecman and oilman. Pretty fun. Some were pretty short like oilman. I liked using gutsman, because his path was kinda tricky.

MMWeb review
4/5 difficulty
5/5 unique
4/5 lenght (played as elecman first)
4/5 overall

Of course the length varies.


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