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"Trial By Fire"

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"Trial By Fire"

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Stage Boss : FireMan

Jaxel used the concept of the movie "SAW" when creating this level. The player will often find himself in what seem to be impossible (and rather firery) situations. Yet, the easy way out is often right there on the screen if the player is observant. Jaxel claims you can make it through the level without taking a single hit. So get your buster ready, and prepare to take on Jaxel's furnace of unforgiving hell.

Reviews ( 3/4 )
LanceHeart : "---"

This stage is a lot of fun and has wonderfully done death traps to help make it one of the stranger and most fun custom stages out there. With no lack in misleading spike-arrows and Jaxel's name appearing everywhere, this stage is quite interesting and requires some skill to pull off a win.


Ageman20XX : "---"

Okay, Jaxel. I officially hate you more than anything in the world. In the most friendly way possibly, of course. This was, by far, one of the most frustrating levels I've played, but it was done in a completely fair way. It was just damn hard! And I loved it. Do you know how many times I caught myself wondering "is Jaxel really that mean?" only to find out you were? Either way:

+ Excellent level design. More than professionally done.
= Xtreme challenge forced me to replay it many times.
- Massive amount of Torpedo enemies caused a lot of slowdown in some parts.

Overall, this is definatly one of the best and certainly one of my favorites.


JohnnyFry : "---"

I had a lot of fun with this level. a low ceiling caused me to get a game over my first try, but it was super fun to do again once I had figured out my way through the first half. The Spike Arrow was very deceiving


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