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"Going In Circle?"

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"Going In Circle?"

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Stage Boss : ElecMan

Meh, my first stage I ever made. It's really easy once you know the stage...

The stage gives the illusion of going in a complete circle. If you're experienced, you should find the secret passageway pretty easily.

Ummmm for those who didn't know, if there is no floor in the above plane, you can jump on the ceiling.

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Mega Forte : "---"

You had a very interesting multi-ladder and spike layout at the beginning. This was quite a tricky obstacle to climb across horizantally, although being able to walk on a few ladders made it a bit easier. I also liked how you implemented the hidden rooms above some of the ladders. Some of the tight little spike rooms had some clever ways to traverse upon the high ledges, like green moving platforms and disappearing blocks. I also liked how some of the disappearing blocks were set to move in a circle, in counter-clockwise fashion. Hence the name of this stage. ;)

Very creative theme, coupled with a very well-designed obstacle course that provided countless minutes of fun and challenge. Well done!!!


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