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Sonny TheDemonSlayer

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Stage Boss : OilMan

Oil Man is in DEEP trouble. Upon finding an underground cave, he found many Tackle Fires coming from the roof!!! Not only that, but the cave is also a maze with many pits(Most are none ) and fire traps! Can our favorite contreversial robot find his way out without gettin' burned!? And who is the mysterious boss who lives in it, and WHY DOES HE RESEMBLE OIL MAN!? There is also a secret room full of goodies to take (Hint: There are pits where some Tackle Fires jump up from. Maybe if you go down...) The explaination point on the title is actually upside down, just to let you know.

Hope you like it.

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Veridianedge : "---"

Another one of your old works that i've played, Demon Slayer. And i don't know how you got these so-called reviews, but if they were real, then they don't know squat. And they don't mean squat either. But the way i see it, it's kinda weird and freakish (okay, freakish may be an understatement). Nevertheless, i'll go on and say that it's 3 on all categories. It's not quite as good as your later opuses, but it's not bad either. Just not quite a good stage as i thought it'd be. But hey, it's okay.


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