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"RJAs Bomb-Bot 01"
"Extreme bombing part 1!"

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"RJAs Bomb-Bot 01"

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April 26th, 2009

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Stage Boss : GutsMan

STAGE: RJAs Bomb-Bot 01
ID: 5532755-165
BOSS: Gutsman
SCENERY PACK: Halloween Special
ENEMY PACK: Fine Pack 3
STAGE TYPE: Bomb Puzzle Stage

STORY: Out of the blue, Dr. Wily created copy versions of of the original 8 Robot Masters. He made them stronger and even more powerful, then sent them to await Megaman in their own trap infested dungeons. Once Dr. Light discovered this news, he immediately searched for the nearest Copy Master. The signal came from Copy Gutsman in the abandoned haunted mansion across town. Megaman immediately ran off, grabbing his Hyper Bombs before doing so.

STAGE SUMMARY: This is my go at a bomb switch stage. It's difficult, so do not play it if you aren't an expert at bomb puzzle stages!

- Remember to keep an eye on your Hyper Bomb ammo! You have a limit!

- Plan your every move before you act!

- Snatch every item you come across!

- Kill yourself after every retry flag, not only will you start with full weapon energy, but things may change...

- Stand in bomb switch blocks while they become solid for a surprise...

- If you get to the part with three ladders, all going up, study the paths and look for signs of electricity, now choose...

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