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"RJAs Mirrorman"
"Icicle Cavern Adventure!"

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"RJAs Mirrorman"

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April 30th, 2009

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Stage Boss : IceMan

STAGE: RJAs Mirrorman
ID: 55237255-153
BOSS: Iceman
STAGE PACK: Elemental Special Pack
ENEMY PACK: Fine Pack 12
STAGE TYPE: My Robot Masters

STORY: Dr.Wily is at it again! He built more robots in an attempt to once again- defeat Megaman and rule the world. Dr.Light however, can not stand for this chaos and destruction, so he sends Megaman to destroy Wily's army of villains and force Wily himself into surrender! But will Megaman succeed against Mirrorman?

BOSS DESCRIPTION: Mirrorman is, as his name suggests, coated with reflective mirrors. He is also equipped with many spiky glass shards that line his body. Last but not least, he wields his special weapon, the Mirror Shield, in his right hand.

STAGE SUMMARY: Mirrorman's level is an icy cavern with icicles (spikes) covering the ceiling. The cavern will eventually lead you to Mirrorman's deadly castle! Along the way watch out for water sprays pushing you into spikes, enemies, and a fire block elevator!

LAST NOTES: Even though I made this Mirrorman stage in about an hour, I'm proud of it and hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it! Well, have fun, and train up for the next battle with Stormman!

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