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"RJAs Glitched-Up"
"19 glitches! 1 great stage!"

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"RJAs Glitched-Up"

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February 14th, 2009

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Stage Boss : IceMan

STAGE: RJAs Glitched-Up
ID: 55237255-148
BOSS: Iceman
STAGE PACK: Action Special Pack
ENEMY PACK: Fine Pack 15
STAGE TYPE: Glitch Stage

STORY: Dr.Wily is up to his old schemes again! Now he has created a black-hole-like portal, which is the gateway to the Negative World. Out of the blue, Dr.Wily sent his newly designed Iceman Clone to the Negative World- there he tampers with everything. And when he builds, moves, or interacts with anything in the Negative World, what he did becomes true in the real world. Dr.Light doesn't want anyone to get hurt so he sends Megaman (equipped with his new charge shot) into the Negative World. There Megaman discovers how distorted the Negative World is!

STAGE SUMMARY: This stage uses 19 glitches, all in 1 hard level!! I don't now what else to say, that pretty much sums up the stage. I don't want to list every glitch so if you want to know every one stop being lazy!! Play the stage!!


-Wiggle around if you get stuck between obstacles while sliding...

-When you come to a wall of oilblocks with a heart in front of them, first get the heart. After this DO NOT break the oilblocks- there's a gutsblock that you can not get past. So how do you pass? Well, climb up the ladder and you'll stumble upon a retry flag. The next step is to kill yourself! Yes, kill yourself! Then, when you restart, the gutsblock will be gone!

-After the section where you slide to the left, when you drop, make sure your charge shot is charged. This is vital since you need to destroy a block while falling and still land on the ledge!

-Your charge shot goes through walls...

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P.S. To play the beatable version of this stage the id is 55237255-148, not 55237255-146.

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