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"RJAs Bombs Away!"
"Ultimate bombing gauntlet!!"

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"RJAs Bombs Away!"

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February 14th, 2009

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Stage Boss : FireMan

STAGE: RJAs Bombs Away!
ID: 55237255-143
BOSS: Fireman
STAGE PACK: Time Extra Pack
ENEMY PACK: Fine Pack 12
STAGE TYPE: Bomb Switch Puzzle Stage
INSPIRATION: Michilio's Blaster Master

STORY: After Fireman beat his clone, Iceman settled back into his throne. This made Fireman want to rule somewhere, since he just works at the incinerator. So Iceman suggests to take over Timeman's tower- Fireman agreed. Now Iceman helps Fireman (since he helped Iceman with his previous problems). The troublesome duo reach the top of the tower, and before Timeman can charge his Time Slow he and the Grand Clock are frozen! Now Fireman is ruler, but the townsfolk are unhappy since the Grand Clock isn't ticking. Then Dr.Light sends Bombman to beat Fireman, unfreeze the Grand Clock, and unfreeze poor Timeman.

STAGE SUMMARY: This stage is VERY HARD!! When playing this stage you will surely die- A LOT!! I myself can barely beat it! On the other hand this part bomb puzzle part running man stage is very beatable and very fun! Hope you enjoy it!!

-Bombs stay on everything even if it's moving...

-Bombs automatically explode when hitting fire...

-Gutsblocks break when hitting enemies/party balls/enemy shots...

-In some cases pendulums can swing through walls...

-On the last drop with all of the Gutsblocks, when jumping on some you need to jump high, on others you need to do a small leap- figure the pattern out to have an easier time...

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