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"RJAs Burnt-Out"
"Lose. Gain. Melt."

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"RJAs Burnt-Out"

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February 5th, 2009

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Stage Boss : FireMan

STAGE: RJAs Burnt-Out
ID: 55237255-141
BOSS: Fireman
STAGE PACK: Elemental Special Pack
ENEMY PACK: Fine Pack 5
STAGE TYPE: Fireman Gimmick Stage
INSPIRATION: Michilio's Light My Fire

STORY: Iceman once ruled a nice, peaceful, and icy castle- once. He doesn't now as Dr.Wily created a Fireman Clone, sent him to Iceman's castle, and declared him ruler. Iceman deems this unfair and sets off to reclaim his throne, but Iceman can't break through the snow- so he brings Fireman. Iceman owes Fireman big time now though!

STAGE SUMMARY: A summary of this stage is simple: you lose your fire, you regain your fire, then you melt the snow blocks. However, beating this stage is far from simple: it uses the obstacles and the water of the Elemental Special Pack to its hardest! It will surely please!


-Even without your headfire you still have a shield of fire...

-When on the edge of a water block the water misses you...

-Spines are NOT always bad...

-A glitch allows you to shuffle on a ladder...

-Keep up with the flame rail's fire...

-Stay on the right side of a moving timebomb at ALL times...

-Fireblocks sink with Fireman's weight...

-Fireblocks break when hitting an enemy...

-You'll be fighting Fireman without your headfire- be prepared...

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