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"Kabuker-san Cafe"
"It's Sashimi-tastic!"

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"Kabuker-san Cafe"

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Apollo Alexandre

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ElecMan FireMan IceMan

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Stage Boss : GutsMan

The tenth stage created by me, your taste-master Apollo Alexandre!

Fireman, Iceman, and Elecman are bored! They need to find something to do, or else they'll just rip each others' throats out as usual... But what is this?

It's a delicious looking sign! It says 'Come one, come all! The best in fine eats and drinks! Come to Kabuker-san Cafe!'

"Kabuker-san doesn't really sound like a Japanese name..." Iceman wondered.

"But I bet that they have some gooood eats! FIRE!"

"Yes, I've also heard that the presentation of Japanese cuisine is almost as radiant as myself."

So without any thought or question, the three headed right through the door, only to fall down a portal and into a world where sashimi and california rolls were as massive as SUVs. They better find the head chef quick!


Comments and reviews are, as usual, appreciated! *bows*

Reviews ( 2/2 )
Mega Forte : "---"

What!? No Time Man!? Awwww..... no fair.

You could have added Cutman in there with some wall-jumping sections for a real challenge, but then again a lot of ppl have already created a bunch of Japanese CutMan levels already.

For this level, I chose my main man-Elecman, so I only will be rating his route. There wasn't a whole lot that was unique about the Elec-Blocks except for the occasional tunnel-block or far-off platform step. This weird Japan stage was put together rather well, and was quite stunning to look at. So I'll give you a few 'Uniqueness' bonus points there.

The alternating spike drop towards the middle was quite tricky and one nasty, unexpected surprise. Since most people will automatically lose a life there since there's no indication of where it's safe to fall, a retry flag right before that spot would have been really nice. You had some really nice conveyor-belt runs and tricky jumps in this delightful little multi-path stage.

Overall, I say you did quite a good job on this long & challenging multi-RM level despite the lack of retry flags.

Challenge - 5
Size - 5
Uniqueness - 4
Overall - 4


Veridianedge : "---"

Double A, that is one delicious stage that you've cooked up, my friend. To make a long story short, Mega Forte summed up everything there is to know.

SIZE - 5


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