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Apollo Alexandre

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KnightRoll CutMan ElecMan FireMan

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Stage Boss : IceMan

The third stage created by me, Apollo Alexandre.

In this level, it's up to Cutman, Elecman, Fireman, and even the knightly Roll to stop Iceman from completing his still in construction ship, the Dreadnought. (Iceman is such a nice boy, isn't he?) And no matter how many waves of enemies and shots come after our heroes, they will never give up!

Yes, I said waves... originally, I was going to put Big Eyes amongst the shooting enemies, but that would just be mean...

Anyways, feedback, always appreciated. *bows*

Reviews ( 1/1 )
Mega Forte : "---"

This stage was only mildly challenging and interesting, no matter who you choose to fight with. Great layout with no flaws whatsoever and some interesting obstacle set-ups like the disappearing blocks, and mot much more. The only thing this stage should have implemented is mulitiple, intersecting paths that each robot master can access and no one else can. What I did find a little annoying and pointless was how you placed all your enemies so close together in these little clusters. I did like the helpful arrow that pointed me towards the hidden 1-up far off to the left of the screen. And I also liked the word 'Go!' in the background of the final room leading up to the boss confrontation.

All in all, this was a pretty mediocre stage, but not that bad for an early effort. Can't wait to see how your other levels show up and improve. >;)

Size - 4
Challenge - 2
Uniqueness - 3
Overall - 3


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