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"ProtoAdventure I"

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"ProtoAdventure I"

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Power Man

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Stage Boss : IceMan

Hey Guys, new name and new stage ProtoAdventure I!

Dr. Light: Protoman! Iceman has made a super ice fortress to challenge you. He is reeking havoc to get your attention! Please bring him back!

Protoman: *sighs* Alright Light! But you owe me. running around doing your errands is a pain. Especially since the enemies TAKE MY SHIELD AWAY!

Hints: Precise jumping will help in this level!

Exclusive story for ProtoAdventure F!

Dr. Light: Oh no! Mega Man is nowhere to be found and all my robots are reeking havoc. Please somebody help!

Roll: I'll do it Dr. Light! My broom of doom will sweep away evil.

Protoman: You've been hanging around Fireman again have you Roll?

Dr. Light & Roll: PROTOMAN?!

Protoman: I'll handle the robot masters and as for Mega Man...well he'll be back. Count on it.

Dr. Light: I see... Well if you insist, Fireman is the first objective.

Protoman: Just remember Light, I haven't forgiven you.

Hints: Just because you don't have your shield doesn't mean you can't kick ass!

If you have enough health, being hit first can be a good thing.

This level is beatable (or else how would I release it?) so don't be discouraged when you get to the second Guts lift.

Reviews ( 2/2 )
Michilio : "---"

It was ok, still a lot of room left for improvement. It was a pretty small level and you could walk on all the roofs, effectively skipping pretty much everything after the 1st checkpoint. A bit more variety in the challenges wouldn't hurt either.


Mega Forte : "---"

Yet another Proto stage that features him losing it (the shield) at the very beginning. I really did look the cool (pun intended) environment and block fortress background. You had some good obstacles thrown in this Ice-Extra stage like water-geysers, disappearing blocks and block-generators, but they weren't even close to being an intermediate challenge. There were also a couple areas where you can jump off the screen and onto the ceiling, making it easy to bypass some of the more difficult areas, like the one with the disappearing blocks and block-generators.

Difficulty - 3 (I can tell you really tried to make this one your hardest Proto stage)
Length - 3 (should have been a little longer)
Originality - 3
Overall - 3 >=/ (sorry, it had to be)

All in all, not bad for one of your earliest stages. Keep up the good work, as we all look forward to seeing you improve in your C-Mode stage editor skills. >;)


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