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"4 Fireman stages in one"

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Stage Boss : FireMan

Fireman Mega Mix!
Difficulty: hard
Legnth: larger than your typical Fireman stage
Series: Hijack Hack
Sub series: The rescue!

Transmition From 2.1: Why Hello there, Dr. Light and Heather. I'm shure you're wondering why I've contacted you. 2 things.

1. Do you have anybacon? I keep pressing this button and all I get is Long Skinny Flat Ham.

2. I'm giving you a chance to reclaim the [b]body[/b] of Fireman, but there's a catch. His programming has left the building. Actually the real catch is you have to go through a giant stage.

Glaber: Alright, ENOUGH! I just can't stay quiet any more. First off, the stuff you're calling Long Skinny Flat Ham IS bacon!

2.1: No it isn't!

G: What ever. Second off, I'm being held hostage at MHPH!

2.1 Sorry about that. *Click*

Extra info from Suroguner the Racoon:This stage is a whole mix up of different versions of Fireman's stage. At the start, if you're playing as Megaman, you find a used up chip for Ice Slasher.

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Mega Forte : "---"

The intro was great but a little unfair since the little cactuspy was placed to close to where the character teleports, thus hitting him directly in the face! This stage definitely felt like the GB version of FireMan's stage with some unique enemies and challenging fire-block & flame-chute obstacles. And the beloved tile-block glitch was also put to very good use throughout this entire level.

The second was very reminiscent of the famous NES MM1 FireMan level, with the fire-jets in all the right places. I'm very pleased to see that I had the Ice Slasher in order to freeze some and use them as stepping stones to reach some power-items in high places. Some of the FireMan areas seemed a little more reminiscent of the MMPU version, rather than the original NES version. I loved the little backwards GB Fireman segment towards the end with the sniper-joes, flame-jets, and flame-chutes. That section was intense and a little difficult. I really liked how you used the constant fire-jets to simulate the flowing lava underneath some of the floors. Amazingly enough, there was absolutely no slowdown whatsoever throughout this entire, amazing & long Fireman remix!

Great job as always, Glaber!! ~_^


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