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"Elecman 1987"
"The Shock from the past"

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"Elecman 1987"

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Stage Boss : ElecMan

Elecman 1987
Difficulty: normal?
Series: Megaman remakes (complete)
Info: The last in the Megaman Remakes series. this is a remake of Elecman's stage. Due to there not being enough vertical room I had to throw in some "Loading" Screens. These "loading" screens also appear in "The Wrong Stage (E). Also at the end the stage gets flipped a 180. (can't spell dagree)

Reviews ( 2/2 )
Veridianedge : "---"

Ah, the good old classics. Those never die, G-Man. As far as i can remember, Elec Man's stage was quite difficult a bit. However, i had no problems whatsoever playing this classic stage. And due to the limitations of the stage editor, you had to add the "Now Loading" floors in there. Genius! If i did one remake of Elec Man (although i did one: Elec Man Remixed), i would've add that too. And now, the rating notes:

CHALLENGE - 2 (only weak point of this stage; maybe the last Wrong Stage will porve me wrong)
UNIQUENESS - 5 (due to the limitations, the loading floors are the sole reason for that 5)
SIZE - 5 (same reason as the uniqueness reason)
OVERALL - 5 (of all of the 1987 stages, this one is the best, period)

And now ends the 1987 series. Maybe you oughta do a 1989 series, based on Mega Man 2, perhaps. That would probably be unlikely, but if there's a Mega Man: Powered Up 2, that would be possible. Keep up the "Classic" work, Glaberooni!


Mega Forte : "---"

This stage was dead-on accurate as far as classic MM1 remakes go, but also painfully easy as well. Maybe it's because I'm played the original so many damn times already! >;) Thanks for the rolling scissor-cutters so that I can slice & dice all those annoying floor-bots in my way.

I see you used a couple swinging pendulums to replace the disappearing blocks. How clever of you, and shame on Capcom for not including disappearing blocks in the old '8-Bit ElecMan' pack. This is why I didn't use the 'Old Elec' scenery pack for my Magnet Man remake.

Is it just me or have you reused the long 'LOADING' drop message here from your 'Wrong Stage (E)' level!? And where's my damn Magnet-Beam!! YAARRRR!!!.... >=(

Oh well, I guess the Yashichi-fan will have to suffice. Overall, it was a very nice old-school MM1 Elecman remake with a couple 'LOADING' drop extensions due to the vertical size constraints of the level editor.

Good job once again, Sir Glaber - 'Master of the MM1 Remakes & Remixes'!

Challenge - 1
Size - 4
Originality - 3
Overall - 3


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