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"The Wrong Stage (B)"

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"The Wrong Stage (B)"

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Stage Boss : BombMan

The Wrong Stage (B)
Series: Hijack Hack (the Protoknuckles Series)
Info: 2.0 Now with Cutman Captured I can focus on Bombman.

MM: Wha?
Roll: Every time we go to one of these stages one of our friends is captured!
PM: Well If we don't go then who will

PK2.0: What, You're Early. Oh well go on through

PM: Okaaay. He is weird.

MM: Bombman you comming?

BM: Yes I am hold your horses!

Extra info: this is basicly Bombman's level with Gustman tiles and flame throwers.

Reviews ( 2/2 )
Mega Forte : "---"

Yep! This definitely felt like a more advanced version of Bomb Man's stage, only set in Gutsman's canyon. I really, really loved the awesome work you did with the tile-glitch in this stage. And my God in Heaven, you've really overdid it with all those enemies and flame-jets!!

Challenge - 4
Length - 4
Uniuqness - 4
Overall - 4

BEST stage yet in Glaber's 'Wrong MM1 Stage' series! >;)

BTW, why do you have all the characters playable in this level!? >=/


Veridianedge : "---"

Incoming transmission from PK 2.0:

PK 2.0: HAHAHAHAHA!! Bomb Man is ours!

Isabella: Oh no! Not again!

Shogoku: (yells in frustration)

Isabella: Easy there, Sho! This won't do us any good if we lose our temper.

Li: She's right! We'll have to regroup and think of a better plan to make no more robots are captured. At this rate, we keep losing more and more of these guys to ProtoKnuckles.

Isabella: Okay! Let's get out of here.

Shogoku and Li: AY!

Eric: Great! Now, Bomb Man's been snatched too. Despite all that, this stage was amazing, G-Man! Bomb Man's stage in Guts pack form was quite surprising. And like the previous one, you've increased the difficulty of this one as well. Anyway, my notes for this one are:

SIZE - 4

However, i wonder how long will this robot master capture plan from that knucklebrain will continue!? Anyway, keep up the good work, Speedy man.


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