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"PC Alarm Clock FIXD"

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"PC Alarm Clock FIXD"

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Stage Boss : TimeMan

PC Alarm Clock FIXED
Series: Glaber PC Orignals
Hp link to game: 10 HP Orignal Level
Difficulty: Easy(MMC) to Normal for real (MM)
Fixed: Man how could I forget to put in some way for megaman to get back over to the left st]ide of the clock. Well it's there now.
Info: Megaman is in a gaint Clock and near the center is Timeman. Howevedr getting to time man isn't easy. You have to find the Fan and then find the bomb switch that actvates the stairs that allow you to reach Timeman

No glitch zone this time.

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megamanforever : "---"

it was easy it was fun in fact it's my fave level. I really liked your secret areas.You should make a level with lot of secrets.


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