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"Mega Water S."

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"Mega Water S."

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Stage Boss : IceMan

Mega Water S.
Series: Wily Wars
Hp link to game: Full Hp
Difficulty: Normal to Semi-normal (Fireman)
Info: Now just because I recreate a level dosn't mean you can't too, because you still can!

Any way this is the final robot master from Wily Wars, Mega Water S. In this level ther is a bit close by the end where you can jump over the wall (reason why so many are avaible). Also I threw in two gate areas for some strange reason but in the second one ther is a flame thrower to light up Fireman before the boss.

Reviews ( 2/2 )
Michilio : "---"

A nice little remake, though nothing stellar.


Mega Forte : "---"

Well, this wonderful little Wily-Wars remake certainly had a 'Mega Water S' feel to it, as well as a Dive Man feel like my Deep Dive level.

I really like the aesthetics to this stage, and how you alternated between ice-tiles and time-tiles. But it certainly wasn't as interesting as the tile-glitch I used in my Deep Dive level. I also liked the walls with the wipe-open windows at the bottom of the submerged fortress. The overall design of the level was perfect and spot-on, but the enemy placement could have been a little better. Like that one flying shell that got stuck behind a low overhang underwater, or the crazy cannon that was one row beneath the ceiling. This stage was also easy as pie, but I know how hard it is to make MM remakes and still keep it a real challenge for all players.

All in all, you did a terrific job on this MM-Wily Wars remake! Even better than your Buster Rod G. level, and really inspired me to make a remake of this classic Genesis MM game. ~_^

Challenge - 2
Uniqueness - 3
Size - 5
Overall - 4


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