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Stage Boss : TimeMan

Border Village Remix
Series: Obscure PC game Remixes
Hp link to game: 1 hp
Info: My first PC Level Remix. This time ther have been a few changes. The village has grown a bit and has added in a Fountain.You can also now walk on most of the roofs of the houses. This level also had 2 trees trasnplanted from the plannet in Commander keen 6.

Well I hope you enjoy this remix, and if you are still wondering why there are so many extra lives in that "secret" area it's because the actual level in Commander Keen 4 had that many extra lives.

Reviews ( 3/3 )
Roxas : "---"

Fun level overall. Easy to beat, thats certain, but I enjoyed playing the level multiple times.


Mega Forte : "---"

Even better than the original!

Those houses really come to life with those 3-dimensional roofs. Too bad you can't go inside them. >;P

Size - 5 (Much bigger & more complex than the original version)
Challenge - 1 (Glaber makes the easiest PC remakes ever!)
Uniqueness - 4
Overall - 4

I loved how much you expanded on the mountain community feel to this stage, and made it into one amazingly long maze level.

This stage was fun, fun, fun by the ton, ton, ton!!! ~_^


MrPerson : "---"

A fun stage overall. Proof that levels don't have to be nail-bitingly hard to be worth playing.


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