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Stage Boss : FireMan

PC Fire Tube
Series: Glaber Orignals
Hp link to game: 10 HP Orignal Level
Difficulty: Normal
Info: The sequal to PC Oil Field and created in less time. As with the prequal there is a "Glitch" route that totaly bypasses the puzzle.

This time I've put in a "Cheat" somewhere in the puzzle. See if you can find it.

Reviews ( 1/1 )
Mega Forte : "---"

Like Iggy said, there were too many fire-pillars and time-bombs, which amounted to a whole lot of slowdown. The overall layout of the stage was kind of random yet boring, with too many dead-ends just for the sake of collecting a little weapon energy.

BTW, I also found your obvious short-cut, which is why challenge-wise, this stage is only a 2 at best.

Difficulty - 2
Uniqueness - 1
Size - 3 (that shortcut didn't really help)
Overall - 2

Not exactly one of your best, but is still better than your brother's craptastic 'Mines' level. >=/


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