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"The Mines"

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"The Mines"

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Stage Boss : OilMan

The Mines
Series: My brother made this.
Hp link to game: orignal level
Diffaculty: Impossible
Info: Well now my bother has come up with another level. (when wil he ga his own mem card?) I'v tried to get through this and still havent succeded (Hence Impossible) This level is his creation. Any comments will be relayed to him for future reffence.

Reviews ( 3/4 )
Mega Forte : "---"

I liked the clostraphobic mine entrance, except for the fact that I fell face first into a wall-cannon! Ouch! That was cheap. ;_; The enemy placement in this stage was downright terrible. Especially the wall-cannons, and crazy razies, like the one on the first conveyor belt that disappeared suddenly, and the one on the high ledge, whose head disappears before you reach the top of the ladder to the open, outdoor region. I would have left that first wall-cannon out, and not put the crazy-razy on the conveyor-belt, forcing it to walk against the flow. Your brother should have also cut back a bit on the time-bombs, still an excessive amount withing close proximity to each other can add up to a lot of slowdown, which in turn hurts the gameplay.

There were a lot of long, and deep undeground tunnels to go exploring in, which really gave me than abandoned mine feel. Well, make that an "abandoned mine" feel with deadly, unfriendly robots and unstable mine-lifts. I also likes some of the conveyor belt and block-generator segments in there, which was almost as cool as your 'Box Factory' stage. The first one was really tricky, and required some careful timing, and Super Arm & Time Slow. The second rail-lift was almost impossible due to the long row of gaps that were all seperated by one-square of solid rail.

Since there were too many flaws with this stage and no check-points, I gave up on this stage after 15 minutes of gameplay. Sorry, but I can only give your brother a 2 on this stage. I think his other stage (Ice-Land, I think) was much better than this.

Oh well. Live and learn!


Sonny TheDemonSlayer : "---"

Yo, Glaber.

(Bends over, pulls down his pants, and farts out a gerbil in your general direction)

Let that be a lesson to you to not make a cheap level like that. Trust me. This is only 10% of my worst, so start making better levels, or I'll shove something up my rear and fire it at you again.


Mega Forte : "---"

^LOL!!! ^_^

Some one here has been watching way too much South Park. Or maybe working for that fruity 4th grade teacher: Mr. Garrison has taken its toll on your sanity. >=P

But seriously, don't take this too personally, since I know you and your brother are capable of doing much better than this. At least I tried to be somewhat helpful with my constructive feedback. Better luck next time. And no matter how harsh these reviews seem, there's still a lot worse trash out there.

I hope I don't sound too conceited right now. Maybe the reviews from my last 3 stages are going to my head. >=D


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