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"Level 21GLAB(BC)"

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"Level 21GLAB(BC)"

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Stage Boss : ElecMan

Level 21GLAB(Begginner's_Chal)
Series: Glaber Orignals
Hp link to game: N/A orignal level
Difficulty: normal
Playable: I'm not even going to say it.
Info: Guess what? I grew impaitent of trying to get Protoman. So now levels 21-40 are on their way.

At first glance this level may look like it's just my first all over again, but It's not. This level is a Remix of my first level and some things along the orignal path have been changed and new paths have been added.
Also there are now Literal dead ends. One one the main path and one For Gutsman. These should be easy to spot, once it's too late.

Reviews ( 3/3 )
Michilio : "---"

It was good, but felt lacking, guess I've become to spoilt lately.


Mega Forte : "---"

The stage lay-out seemed very familiar, but the obstacles were noteably different this time around!

However, I still don't find this stage all that difficult, especially with all those stock-hearts. Maybe this should have been called 'Intermediate Challenge' as opposed to your 'Beginner's Challenge', which was your first stage ever. It did feel much longer and more maze-ish than Beginner's Challenge, which was about the only thing that got turned up a notch since your super-easy debut.

Anyways, I think you did a pretty good job with the stage layout design, but the obstacles were still a little too bland and simple for my tastes. Maybe, I've just been spoiled by certain other levels, lately. Please don't take this opinion too personally.

Length - 4,
Challenge - 3,
Originality -2,
Overall - 3


Eric B. (Shnoogums) : "---"

Hmm! A bit of improvement indeed. Although i'm not sure about being spoilt or any of that stuff, i can say in Challenge... well, uh... i give you 4. Uniqueness, however... Boy! Since i know nothing of that Commander Keen game of yours, i'll go with 3. For Size, well... hmm! 4. Overall score, however... simply put: 3! Or maybe 3.5 out of 5 overall. Not bad, but like Michilio and Mega Forte, i expected a bit more. And something different, for that matter. Oh well! Shouldn't get my hopes up. I'll see what your other stages can do for me... next time i go back in Montreal (or Lachenaie, whichever). But, it's an okay stage, i guess. Regardless, keep up the good work, Glaber. And don't take my personal opinion personally, man.

P.S.: I wonder if i have INDEED become too spoilt with other people's stages lately, too!? Uh-Oh! Maybe i have! Have I?


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