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"Nice Boom-Booms!"
"Level 1 of the Boom-Booms seri"

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"Nice Boom-Booms!"

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Stage Boss : TimeMan

Timeman has stolen a timing mechanism for Bombman's most recent home-made boom-boom, claiming it was 0.0032 seconds off. It's up to you to help him get it back!

It'll take excellent timing and precise aim to pass by the many traps Timeman has laid out to keep Bombman out of his lair, including bomb switches, conveyer belts, and spike corridors, all ending in a battle with Timeman for the stolen timepiece. Will you make it before time's up, or will you be early for a date with death? Only time will tell...

Reviews ( 2/2 )
Mega Forte : "---"


Seriously now, this stage is almost as bad as Capcom's Bombman Mania. You definitely need to perfect Bomb Man's throwing techniques, as well as ricocheting tecnhniques. It's almost like ping-pong/golf Bombman-style. That one oil-block on the conveyor belt obstacle took me a while to figure out how to get it unstuck and moving, so I can reach the first ladder. And some of the bomb-switches were placed in high and hard-to-reach ledges, with conveyor belts everywhere, either helping you or hindering your bombs' progress. Some obstacles even require you to strategically place bombs on top of moving time-bombs!!

And here's how I rate this Expert-level Bombman masterpiece:

CHALLENGE - 5+ (some of the bomb-tossing challenges were even more difficult than some of michilio's stages!)
LENGTH - 5 (perfect length, but not that long, this stage just takes extremely long to master one obstacle after another)
ORIGINALITY - 4 (One of the most original Bomb Man stages I've ever played!)


Michilio : "---"

An original take on Bombman and the best Bombman level I've played at this point in time. The last puzzle is nothing short of brilliant. It has a few bits that really could use stock hearts to make it more fair though.


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