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"Melee Mayhem [E]"

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"Melee Mayhem [E]"

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Stage Boss : ElecMan

Melee Mayhem is a series of levels designed to be the "Ultimate" versions of each boss stage. They're tough as nails, but completely beatable with a little patience. Each level allows the use of Roll and Mega, hence the name.

Elec Man's stage is a relatively balanced stage full of conveyor belts, vanishing blocks, and (go figure), electricity. Remember to stay on your toes while riding conveyor belts, because you might need to fend off some foes while waiting for your next vanishing block ride.

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Owvin : "---"

This was the first level which I used the blueless Mega, and I'm surprised of how powerful his kick is. Also, nice bits of circuit walls where Mega teleports in.

Too bad the conveyor belts coupled with big-eyeballed cylinders, helicopters with big eyeballs, and disappearing blocks = FrusTraTion [reminds me of GMR's ''Run Frustration.EXE'' review of Megaman Network Transmission, since your userID ends with EXE]. At least you put more circuit wall columns at and under where the disappearing blocks would appear, and later, a big-eyeballed cannon. Up the ladder, some electric bolters, including those under disappearing blocks and circuit walls, but there's a rather significant delay before disappearing blocks appear, and then appear only after previous one disappears, making things rather hard. First retry flag only reachable after another delayed disappearing blocks (re)appears. Then overhangs and underhangs with stuff, then a lo-o-o-ong narrow corridor to precariously precarious columns with a sniper joe [can you say, frustrating?]. Sorry but that's too frustrating, as I can't git past that sniper joes on narrow columns over ''bottomless'' pits.



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