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Stage Boss : ElecMan

With anger running through his blood, Cortex charged at Crash with intense fury and they both rolled down into an underground cavern. From there, Cortex found a power crystal. Crash, who was now "crystal crazy," held the crystal as well. Together, will Crash and Cortex, (who wants that moronic marsupial to let go of his precious diamond) make it back on land safely?

Fire Storm = Spin
Oil Slider = Body Slam
Fire Storm Box = Wooden Crate
Oil Slider Box = Metal Crate
Met = Worm
Octo Battery = Snapper Plant
Flyling Shell = Crab
Bobble = Monkey
Yashichi = Aku Aku
Stock Heart = Extra Life
Pendulum = Log
Score Ball = Wumpa Fruit
Spike Block = Nitro
Lava Shooter = TNT
Megaman S = Crash Bandicoot
Elecman = Dr. Neo Cortex
Conveyor Belt = Chainsaw
Hyper Bomb = Cortex being thrown
Bobble On Ceiling = Bat
Sliding = Crawling/Sliding
Thunder Beam = Ray Gun Lazer

Coming Soon: Totem Hokum

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