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"5 Yashichis"
"Can you get all 5?"

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"5 Yashichis"

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Stage Boss : ElecMan

The 5 Yashichis Story

Light to Megaman! Light to Megaman! Do you read? Come in! Over?

Roger that, Dr Light. What’s the matter?

Megaman, thank goodness! It’s Elecman! He raided the lab and took off with my experiment!

Huh? What experiment?

Remember that Yashichi you found in Wily’s Castle?

Oh yeah, the pinwheel! Hey, did you ever figure out how that thing repowered my life and weapon systems?

Actually, I replicated the Yashichi here at the lab, but Elecman took the prototypes...

Why would he do that?

A fragment of Wily’s reprogramming seems to have survived. Elecman is trying to power up his AI.

Elecman wants to power up his AI? With pinwheels?

The Yashichi is no ordinary pinwheel Megaman! After you got back, I ran a diagnostic on your systems and managed to retrieve the Yashichi’s energy data from your mission logs.

So what was it?

It seems Wily was working on some kind of doomsday weapon he didn’t have time to finish. The Yashichi was intended to be its primary power source.

I remember that power made me feel --strange....

Strange? You’re lucky it didn’t kill you!


Wily’s Yashichi contained a powerful concentration of chi energies...

Chi? Lifeforce... Soul energy?


But how could I be repowered by psychic energies? I don’t have a soul, I’m just a robot.

You’re more than just a robot Megaman!
What are you saying?

Your AI program is the best, but I couldn’t give you a true soul. You first need the ability to think and feel independently, so you could grow beyond your original programming. I wanted to develop an evolving AI for you and your siblings, but when my prototype went berserk and disappeared I had to abandon the research. Which meant a more stable AI program for the rest of you...

But I still absorbed the Yashichi’s psychic energy...

Which proves that I came closer than I thought... When Elecman discovered my latest AI research, he seized my 5 Yashichi prototypes and my AI experiment.

He want’s to develop the evolving AI for himself.

You have to stop him Megaman!

He’s under Dr. Wily’s influence.

Yes, and that’s bad enough.... But if he developed free will he could become even more dangerous.

If he chose to violate the laws of robotics...

Listen, there’s no more time! Retrieve the 5 Yashichis and capture Elecman. Then return to the lab so I continue my research.

Roger that!

I’m sending the coordinates now. Prepare for teleport.

Stage Tips

1) Do not rush, you might miss an important clue.

2) Conserving wapon energy is usually a good idea.

3) Beware. Retry Flags and 1up hearts won’t always help you.

4) If you come to a fork in the road
--take it!

5) Some mechanoids are best left alone.

6) Practice makes perfect.

Special Request

Please treat the Yashichi locations and strategies as spoiler material if you want to review my stage.

Good Luck and Rock on,

Cecil Kain

Reviews ( 1/1 )
Mega Forte : "---"

That stage was one great, looooong, electrifying ride of a maze!!!!!

Size - 5
Length - 5
Uniqueness - 5
Overall - 5



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