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"Mad Mad Maze 3"
"A remake with a twist!"

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"Mad Mad Maze 3"

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Stage Boss : PartyBall

So, I made my first stage ever. iggy's and rayjack's inspired me to give it a shot - I made it not too hard, and not too easy. I think some of you will enjoy it, and I know Cleft will hate it. So there ya go!

Stage Description:

In the theme of Ageman20xx's Mad Mad Maze, here's part 3! With a TWIST! Can you solve the puzzle? Can you find all the party balls? If you can, can you tell me what are in them and how many?? This level isn't too difficult, so you'll more than likely be able to beat it rather easily - but can you do the side quests? Let me know! Email "ender.xeno@gmail.com" with your answers!

Again - your mission, should you choose to accept:
-is to solve the puzzle. (It's in the numbers!)
-is to find all the party balls and give me a count of what you've found.
-Complete the actual maze!



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