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"Mad Mad Maze 2"
"Get lost in the woods!"

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"Mad Mad Maze 2"

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Stage Boss : PartyBall

EDIT: For those of you who have already played this, you'll notice that the ID is different - that's because Ender noticed a LOT of flaws that I failed to catch and fixed them and then re-uploaded. So for those of you who had trouble getting the 20th Party Ball - here's your fix. Sorry about any inconvenience.

And finally, after many many months and many many failed attempts, I bring you this: "Mad Mad Maze 2".

This one is a lot different than the last one, for those who care, as Mad Mad Maze 2 only allows the use of one character - MegaMan S. Also note that this stage is more like a "maze" than the last in the sense that you CAN get lost and find yourself going in circles...but that's half the fun.

Here are the objectives should you choose to accept this mission:

Easy: Make it to the end of the stage
Medium: Find the 'countdown' numbers, 10, 9, 8, 7...0
Hard: Find all 20 (not including the boss) Party Balls in the stage.
Very Hard: Find the letters B-E-A-T
Insane Hard: Find all 20 Party Balls in one life.

Yes, there is a lot to do, and I hope you enjoy yourselves. There are Plenty of free men to assure you don't get too many game-overs if any, and I tried to eliminate any and all slowdown where possible. There aren't too many enemies, but when there are, there will always be a reason. (Minus the Big Eyes, they're just there to annoy you ^_^).

I can't think of anything else right now but if I do I'll add it here. Have fun guys and please leave reviews! I plan to start working on these more and make a whole series - good luck!


Reviews ( 3/4 )
Power Man : "---"

INCREDIBLE! These side quests in one level was the best idea I ever seen. Though I didn't get everything done, I did go through the level...

Difficulty-As Age has stated, going through the level is easy enough, the side quests...is a different story.

Uniqueness-Side quests are the finese of the level, because sometimes finding secret routes and stuff is better than going through a level.

Size- There's a lot to do here, so the level has to be big right? YOU BET IT IS!

Overall-Just a fun level to play, GnG pack plays an interest, and the side quests keeps you going and you just have fun with it. DON'T PASS UP THIS AWESOME LEVEL! SUPERB JOB, AGEMAN! :)


Veridianedge : "---"

Using the new ID that you've uploaded in the MMWeb, i can review this one. And all i can say is that the sequel of this one was a little wee bit less better than the first. There's indeed a lot to do, and that's not a bad thing adding side quests in this one. But it wasn't my cup of tea on that one.

But hey, you've done a marvelous job as always, Age. Here are my notes to prove my point:

CHALLENGE - 5 (sure is a tough one, but i can handle it just fine, and the side quests might keep me busy for a while, if i find the itme for those that is; but i'll keep it in my MS, just in case i decide to tackle that one again)
UNIQUENESS - 4 (finding all party balls in either a number of lives or in one single life is nothing spectacular, but it add some spice, even for the most advanced player)
SIZE - 4 (it could've been a bit more bigger, unless i underestimate how much work you've put in that one, but the way it is isn't a bad thing at all; far from it, Age)
OVERALL - 4 (i think your first Mad Mad Maze was a lot better than the second, but at least, for juggling responsabilities of maintaining the master level list, as well as the forum and making stages, i surely enjoyed that one)

Even if i don't tackle all difficulty levels of this one, i'm convinced that you've done an excellent job on this opus of yours anyway, Age-meister. Keep up the good work, Age. And despite seeing this one on a less higher note, i can't wait to see the third chapter of the Mad Mad Maze series.

- Shnoogums!


Mega Forte : "---"

The visuals were absolutely stunning in this stage!! I especially liked the arrow and checkerboard-skull pattern at the very beginning. Your 1-spaced spike slider segments were placed perfectly, and I really enjoyed the screwy layout of the whole thing. Once again, you're proving to the world that you've got some serious level-editor design skills! >;)

I was able to find all of the score-balls, believe it or not, except for one. >:( Well, I found the last little red bugger on my screen but didn't slide the right way to grab it, and yes I did count them all. To make up for it, I got some extra free score balls from the enemies I killed, but I guess those don't count, do they? >:p

The only major flaw with this level was the invisible spikes above the ladder in front of that one retry flag with the stock heart. That cost you a couple major no-no points. The next section with all the 1-space pillars and the jumping Big-Eyes was quite a hair-raising experience. And I really dug that wooden crown on top of the next retry flag with the big energy capsule as the crown jewel.

Well done, Ageman! I didn't quite beat all of the challenges. But I did find the ladders and all the score balls. Plus I would have done it all with only one life, had it not been for those nasty invisible spikes that I mentioned!! <:(

OVERALL - 4 (Excellent multi-goal, fun maze although not as maze-ish or challenging as the 1st one)
CHALLENGE - 4 (would be a 5, but I had to knock it down for the invisible spike)
SIZE - 5 (very long, especially if you're out to grab all the bonus items)
UNIQUENESS - 5 (very creative, and definitely one of the greatest G&G levels of all time!!)



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