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"Bushido Dungeon"
"3 Levels, 3 Ninjas"

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"Bushido Dungeon"

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Eric B. (Shnoogums)

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CutMan ElecMan TimeMan

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Stage Boss : GutsMan

Stage Name: Bushido Dungeon
Scenery Pack: Weird Japan Special
Enemy Pack: Fine Pack 10
Playable Characters: Cut Man/Elec Man/Time Man
Stage Boss: Guts Man
Life Units at Start: 12
Boss Life Unit: Full
Number of Retry Flags: 6

Stage Storyline: This is the first remixed remake that has a story in there, so here goes.

In a far away land, where ninjas train to be the absolute best, there were three ninjas who train to be the toughest and the best. But one day, an evil shogun (that's Guts Man's role) invaded this land. Our three ninjas (played by Cut Man, Elec Man and Time Man) went to take on this evil shogun and his minions, but were eventually defeated, captured and tossed into a nasty dungeon, filled with traps, ninjas and other kind of dangers. Our trio decided that they had to escape this devious dungeon and confront the evil shogun, to get some payback for the sneak attack. Will our trio of ninjas be able to reach this evil shogun and chase him out of town? Their fates are in your hand!

Stage Notes: Weird story, huh? Well, that's what came into my mind. But anyway, aside from this ninja-style story, here's what you'll see:

This stage is simply a remix of remake stages (my second actually, after Cut Man Megamix) and it was a request from Enker. He requested that i did this kind of stage for a long while now, so i decided that the time was right to do it.

The stages mixed up for this one are those of Shadow Man (Mega Man 3), Knight Man and Yamato Man (both in Mega Man 6). After all, this was Enker's request when i posted my BIG IN JAPAN!! stage a few months ago.

And since this is a remake of sorts, i would normally make substitutions for the enemies of those two games. But since i haven't played either game in a long time, i don't exactly remember which showed up and i don't remember their patterns either. So i had to come up with something different than what you would originally see in those said stages.

Of course, since it's a remix, i had to mix up each stage's parts. I took some parts from both Shadow Man's normal and revisited stages, Yamato Man's stage and Knight Man's stage as well.

But since the pack looks more like sushi stuff in there, i had to glitch up the entier stage, so that it would look like a real dungeon in there.

The playable characters for this one are: Cut Man, as Shadow Man's substitute, since his Rolling Cutter is almost similar to Shadow Man's Shadow Blade; Elec Man, as Knight Man's substitute, because the Thunder Beam replaces Knighty's Knight Crush attack; and finally, Time Man, because his Time Arrow attack is kinda similar to Yamato Man's Yamato Spear.

And since Guts Man's the boss of this one (like my previous stage), the choice to tackle this one will be entirely up to you, although to go with the story, even if it's in one path for all three, i recommend playing as all three robo-ninjas.

If you play as Time Man, this will be an easy stage; if you play as Elec Man, this one will be of normal difficulty; but if you play as Cut Man, you'll be extremely challenged at the end.

Well, there you have it. I hope now that Enker will try this one and see if he likes it, as well as the rest of you too. Give it a shot and feedback is welcome. Just watch out for those deadly ninja stars, okay?


*bows like a karate master*

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