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"Clone Wars (E)"
"Elec Man's version"

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"Clone Wars (E)"

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Eric B. (Shnoogums)

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Stage Boss : ElecMan

Stage Name: Clone Wars (E)
Scenery Pack: Elec Extra
Enemy Pack: Fine Pack 7
Playable Character: Elec Man
Stage Boss: Clone of Elec Man
Life Units at Start: 6
Boss Life Unit: Full
Number of Retry Flags: 7

Stage Storyline: After Proto Man defeated Heather, with little power left, she fired 8 blasts of magic that were directed straight to the 8 robot masters. All 8 were hit and severely drained of their strength, and the blasts of magic cloned each of them as well in the process. Isabella took notice of the situation and told some of her friends to take the 8 robot masters to the repair center. After a while, she notified each robot of the current situation. After notifiying some of them, Isabella turned her attention to Elec Man, who was still weak after that blast of magic that he took, but was as vain as ever, although he's still competent enough to handle anything, and she asked him if he was okay.

Elec Man: Hmph! That blast was nothing compared to other nasty jolts i've taken before.

Isabella: You took severe damage from that blast of magic. *sighs* That Heather! I swear one of these days, i'm really going to let her have it real good. Anyway, Elec Man, i noticed that the blasts that you and the others took were actually cloning magic.

Elec Man: That's typical for Heather to clone us. I mean, i know now that there's a clone of me on the loose, but he's nothing like me, compared to a true beauty like myself.

Isabella: Elec Man, get serious! This isn't the time to contemplate on your beauty and all. You got a big task at hand. Now, i'll agree that your clone is nothing like you, the true Elec Man.

Elec Man: Pfft!

Isabella: But, need i remind you that your copycat's got the same powers like you do!? So you'll have to be on your guard for this one, Elec Man.

Elec Man: Yes, but does he have a gorgeous heart, like i do?

Isabella: Huh? Oh, brother! Will you stop that and pay attention already?

Elec Man: Sorry! I'm just a bit upset that Heather had the audacity to clone us. I was only wondering if he was the same as me... personally.

Isabella: In terms of powers, he does. But in terms of personality, i don't really know. Anyway, the clone is located and is near a nuclear power plant. That's your department, Elec Man, so going in there and dealing with this won't be a problem for you, will it?

Elec Man: Not at all. I'll take care of this revolting copycat of mine and dispose of him immediately. ENERGIZED!!! (zaps out of here)

Isabella: *thinking to herself* He better stay focused. Or he'll be one Kentucky Fried Robot.

Elec Man teleported to the aforementioned area to get to the clone. But upon his arrival, he was sent plummeting down by his clone to the power plant's basement. Can Elec Man get back to the top and deal with his clone?

Stage Notes: The sixth chapter has arrived and will be so ENERGIZED for many Elec Man fans (i'm looking at you, Mega Forte, since you wanted it so much). Aside from the story, it features the following:

The start of this stage is loosely based from Vexium's The Ascent. But then, it switches to one (or two) of Capcom's mini stages, Brave The Elec Block Gauntlet and Fun With Elec Blocks, only less irritating for most, since you start this stage, like my other Clone Wars stages with six life units. There's seven retry flags, and three of them have infinite lives. There's also a bit of inspiration from Mega Forte's ElecTrick! stage and it will put your Elec Block puzzle skills to the test, in most areas anyway, as most places is a puzzle that needs to be figured out on how to zap the right blocks to move ahead.

You'll also see a few disappearing blocks sections, timed from 1 to 4, like it's been the case in my recent stages that features those damn blocks, but you won't be seeing much of them. There are some areas that has a lone Elec Block that needs to be hopped on and take a ride. One advice though, as you'll encounter Killer Bullets (as well as Fire Tacklers) that gets in your way, if the block stops due to the explosion or to other Elec Blocks standing in your way, keep zapping away. Don't let it stop and return backwards. You'll be wasting time that way. You'll have to be fast on the Thunder Beam zapping. Some enemies will show up as well to distract you. Don't let them!

Shield Guards are in most places as well, especially in the beginning and near the end too. They'll also be some places that will have a bit of slowdown in there. It's no big deal if you keep zapping away though. And speaking of zapping, you'll see some small elec blocks, but seen in the way as decoration, except the ones after the second retry flag, in which, fortunately, Elec Man is immune to those.

Of course, since Elec Man's the main star of this show, his clone is the boss in the end. And no need to worry, as i've playtested it numerous times to make sure that it would be perfectly doable for everybody.

Well, that's it for this one. Only two more stages to finish making and the Clone Wars series will be done and over with. Time Man's version is next and i need to finish making that one if i want to make my Halloween Special stage. Anyway, give this one a jolt... uh, i mean a shot, and feedback is welcome.

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