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"Maze 1338"

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"Maze 1338"

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Stage Boss : TimeMan

I'll explain how this level works in detail.

This is the Maze13371337 level. Except it has a new problem. Time Man decided to block the door with Guts blocks, keeping all the other intruders out, except for Mega and Guts. But Mega has lost his weapon energy. And obviously guts is weak to time man.

So here are your choices:

You can choose Megaman. Weapon energy is hidden throughout the level, and there is more than enough to bust out all the Guts blocks in the way of the boss door. Of course finding them won't be easy, and you will probably get lost.

Or you can choose Gutsman. He will have direct access to the boss room since he doesn't need weapon energy, but alas he is weak to time man, so the choice is yours.

Have fun getting lost!

Reviews ( 1/1 )
Mega Forte : "---"

OK, I played through this maze from hell with Mega Man S, just for that added extra challenge. And since I'm not a big fan of Gutsman. I couldn't help but notice that this stage looked awfully familiar, almost like your MAZE1337 levels. >=/

At least this time I was able to find all 3 large weapon power-ups and the boss door.

Still a very challenging, confusing, yet rewarding mega-labyrinth level!

Difficulty - 5
Uniqueness - 1 (been there, done that >=/)
Size - 5 (this is one GARGANTUAN maze level!)
Overall - 4


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