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Stage Boss : GutsMan

...Will think of one later.

Reviews ( 3/9 )
RJA- : "I agree with Jin 100%..."

I didn‘t like this stage, honestly. It had various problems that ruined it from my line of view. I just wonder why the other guys liked this stage sooooo much... anyways, here is a list of what was good and what was bad.


-It had vibes of a classic stage with fair potential.


-Unreachable retry flags, enemy spam, and repetitiveness.


Jin Saotome : "Wow.."

I cant see anything of value from this stage.. It‘s really bad. There‘s not but one obsticle that‘s barly a challenge, but when you die the first time, you know exacally how to get past it the next time. After that, the stage just got easier, and easier. Enemy spam is not really that fun, IMO. And all megaman had to do was burn the path, and continue forward the entire time.

It looks like you didnt properly test the stage because the last checkpoint is impossible to get to.. unless it was just some kind of joke.

I have no idea why the pervious reviewers liked this stage so much. I thought this one would be fun, but actually turned out to be one of the worst stages I‘ve ever played.


Merrydeath : "---"

I really liked this level. It's my favorite I've tried here so far.


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