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"Majide Vacation"

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"Majide Vacation"

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Stage Boss : CutMan

Behold the majesticness of Majide, that can only be in Japan! Using the Weird Japan Special, this stage holds references to all that is Majide and OVER Castle, from BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (Only Toonami on Cartoon Network!)! A group of Killer Bullets act as the Majide Time Meteor Shower in some areas. Relevent to Majide Time, expect slowdowns in some areas, as well as the phrase that triggers Majide Time into activation: "ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?"

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Mega Forte : "---"

I liked how this stage started out in what felt like a high canyon town. I also liked the creative use of the bamboo fences in the background, especially when you spelled out the title of this weirdly magnificent Japan level. I also liked how you used the background to spell out the name of this stage in Japanese, too! Plus I noticed your initials: M.T. in there as well. >=)

The twisting spike-drop was pretty fun and suspenseful, even though it has already been done to death. And the flaming conveyor belt obstacles were a little tricky, but nothing even a novice can't beat. Unfortunately all those flame-throwers and the bamboo background created a lot of slowdown, which is unfortunate since I really like the wallpaper background tiles in this strange scenery pack. The only time I died in this stage was when I was confronted with that one Giant-Eye on top of the turbo treadmill, thrashing right into me! I really wasn't expecting that while low on my energy. Giant-eyes on conveyor-belts can be quite a difficult nuisance. BTW, I really liked the ending message: 'ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?' That was a great way to cap off a great Japanese stage! >;)

Challenge = 3
Size = 5
Uniqueness = 4
Overall = 4


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