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"Facility-X (ERROR FIXED)"

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"Facility-X (ERROR FIXED)"

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Stage Boss : GutsMan

Ugh... this is like, the THIRD STAGE in a row that I've had to go back and fix AFTER ALLREADY POSTING IT UP.

This is NOT a good way to build a reputation.

Solid proof, folks. Playtest your stages THOROUGHLY. Even if you've allready done it once, do it AGAIN AND AGAIN until you've done it SO MANY TIMES, you can no longer stand your creation. Then post it up finally and give anyone hell that complains about your playtesting.

Details for this stage in the previous post. I'm dedicating this one to explaining the reasons for having a new one at all...

Anywho, I finally went back and playtested as FireMan after I'd posted Facility-X up the first time, and wouldn't you know it there was a TIMING error with the lifting fire-blocks. JUST PERFECT. In order to correct this error, I had to place the blocks slightly closer together so that as you approached the area, the blocks would lift in an order that it was no longer impossible to jump from one to the next.

So, yes. Download this one instead.

~FlareMan, who is going insane...

PS. Oh yes, All ratings should go on this page, please...

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