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"Merry Christmas Ice Man"
"Here's a gift for Ice Man!"

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"Merry Christmas Ice Man"

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May 30th, 2008

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Stage Boss : PartyBall

This is a stage designed just for Ice Man and his Ice Buster! Since he can freeze enemies and use them as platforms, I decided to make a stage that would push the jumping action to the max! This stage is balanced to what I call "Mega Man Difficulty" - this means I believe it's balanced pretty well; after all, I want people to finish my stages. However, unlike most of the levels on this site, it does not require a level of precision that most other maps require. Pros need not apply; this is a map anyone can finish.

That being said, the level definitely has all sorts of jumping challenges and set pieces inspired by classic Mega Man action! Mix that with Ice Man's specific "Ice platform" ability, and wrapped up in MMPU's excellent Christmas theme, and you get an enjoyable, lengthy level built specifically for Ice Man!

I hope you guys enjoy!

Note: This map is on US Servers.

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Onyx Tanuki : "Easy peasy."

I have to say that this really is an easy stage. Much easier than Normal mode MM stages, IMO. Maybe on par with the stages in MM5 and MM6. I didn‘t see a lot of use going into his abilities aside from maybe three chasms. The only thing that keeps it from being painfully challenge-free is the enemy placement, which is pretty clever. A lot of the wall shooters I didn‘t see due to how well they went with the background. I really would have loved to see you make the player have to freeze enemies to stop a generator long enough to cross a chasm, or go up to reach an otherwise inaccessable area. Pretty basic stage for my tastes, but it‘ll be a nice challenge for newbies.


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