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"Pyres Ruin 1.5"
"The heat is on"

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"Pyres Ruin 1.5"

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Darkling Negata

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August 4th, 2008

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Playable Bots

MegaManO MegaManS MegaManC BombMan CutMan ElecMan FireMan IceMan TimeMan MM1Roll MM8Roll AlleyCatRoll HalloweenRoll KnightRoll NinjaRoll RainyDayRoll RollClause SportsRoll StrawRoll SummerRoll VacationRoll ValentineRoll ProtoMan

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Stage Boss : FireMan

this is my third stage modified for another submission. It's not really hard. It's a fair challenge. I modified it to help with some of the slowing down, got rid of unnecessary vanish blocks, and modified the Guts lifts so that Proto Man can be playable in the stage.

Fire Man has colonized the earth's core, well at least for robots. He is setting the core up for an attack on the earth's surface.....one that could end all wars if he succeeds. He plans to cause worldwide natural disasters. All volcanoes will erupt and never stop, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Wildfires will spread across the lands out of control. This can be prevented if someone were to successfully infiltrate the core and defeat Fire Man, putting his plans to an immediate halt.

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