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"Japa Negata"
"Japan's got a bad side"

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"Japa Negata"

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Darkling Negata

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March 2nd, 2008

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MegaManO NinjaRoll ProtoMan

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Stage Boss : TimeMan


Mega Man-Time Man has frozen time in the skies over Japan. Birds are stuck in place, clouds no longer drift, etc. Mega Man has tracked Time Man to an isolated area loaded with traps waiting for him.

Ninja Roll-Roll finds some enchanted ninja gear. When she puts it on, she gets transported to a strange dimension to test her skills. Is she worthy of the title of ninja?

Proto Man-Time Man has gone berserk and has begun to merge Japan with an alternate dimension. Proto Man must navigate the traps of Time Man's new temple for a final confrontation.

This is my fourth stage. It's been over a year since I've created a level and uploaded it. Main enemies are Crazy Razys and Big Eyes, and Tackle Fires thrown in the mix. Killer Bullets may prove to be a pain during two sections of the level. Fast moving conveyor belts leading to a spiky death are just a few of the traps encountered in this level.

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