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"ASRs Chronotick"
"TimeMan gets the ASR treatment"

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"ASRs Chronotick"

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Stage Boss : ElecMan



STAGE: "ASRs Chronotick"

ID 44823151-025

BOSS: "ElecMan" (about 8 HP)
STAGE PACK: "Time Extra"
ENEMY PACK: "Fine Pack 3"
STAGE TYPE: Normal; Classic Style

STAGE SUMMARY: Finally, I made a stage for TimeMan! This one turned out pretty good, in my opinion. It's more Classic styled, and you don't get infinite lives. You'll have to decide when to use Time Slow, and you'll have to time EVERYTHING well. The clock is ticking for a majority of this stage, so you have to act fast.

STAGE NOTES: This stage was meant to deviate from my usual gimmick stages, and I think I did a moderately good job. The difficulty gradually increases, and the stage itself runs very smoothly. Plus, it isn't all that hard. It's still not entirely reminiscent of a classic MegaMan-styled stage, but I tried. It's still a lot like my gimmick stages... Expect to see a bunch of creative obstacles, as well as some pretty hard ones... but I'm generous. There is a 1UP Heart near the start of EVERY checkpoint. It may be slightly hard to get to, but for the most part, they won't be much of a problem.

STAGE TIPS: There's a 1UP Heart at the start of every checkpoint. If you already have a lot of hearts, you won't need to worry about those 1UPs until near the end of the stage. It gets noticeably harder with each checkpoint, so decide when you NEED those 1UPs... some are risky. The stage itself requires a lot of timing on your part, so be careful and think fast. Time Slow may be helpful in some places, but it may hurt in others.

I have hidden a mini-game (or as close as I can get to one in Const. Mode) in the stage, but getting there is EXTREMELY difficult. First off, you have to FIND where the path deviates. Second, you need to know a certain difficult timing trick involving mid-air checkpoints. Third, you'll need to know a unique trait about using Time Slow mid-jump. Fourth, you'll need to have quick reflexes. There are a small amount of people who I expect to find this room, because it's not just as simple as finding the secret area. It's HARD to get all the way to the mini-game room. But when you do, you'll get to have fun earning eight extra 1UPs!!! There's also a secret number in the room to prove you found it. ^_^

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ID 44823151-025


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