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"ASRs Guts Canyon"
"Scale the crumbling mountain!"

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"ASRs Guts Canyon"

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Stage Boss : TimeMan


This stage was a big accomplishment for me. Not only did I succeed in making a full-size stage for the rarely used GutsMan, but I gave the stage an amazing theme and feel. I worked a lot of the stage around the parallax background of the Old Guts stage pack, so not only does the stage setup itself give you a mountain range feel, but the background doubles the effect. In some places, you will see the mountainous landscape in the background, while you yourself are climbing up the steep mountainous chasms of the stage. Other times, the background will be blue and empty, giving you the metallic feel of the stages construction zone areas with metal floors.
I'm VERY proud of how this stage turned out... it truly does feel like you're traversing across a mountainous valley, climbing through construction zones, through dark caves, and obviously over mountains.
The stage makes a lot of use out of something that you hardly ever see any use out of: GutsBreakBlocks. Those little brown blocks that only GutsMan can break, by landing on or hitting from below.


STAGE: "ASRs Guts Canyon"

ID 44823151-023

PLAYABLE: "GutsMan" (about 1/3 health)
BOSS: "TimeMan" (1/2 health)
STAGE PACK: "Old Canyon"
ENEMY PACK: "Common Pack 5"
DIFFICULTY: "4/5, much harder near the end than the beginning"

STAGE SUMMARY: I originally intended this stage to be without unlimited lives, but I eventually gave in and added them. The first half of the stage isn't too hard, but there are still unlimited lives, and the checkpoints aren't THAT far apart. Later on, however, you'll see the difficulty gradually increase. The final stretch from the last checkpoint to the boss room is very long, but certainly beatable. I didn't want to make the stage a simple walk in the park just because I added unlimited lives.
The stage is entirely for GutsMan, made especially for him. You will make use of his ability to summon Guts Blocks as well as his ability to break GutsBreakBlocks... although that isn't always a good thing. There are several parts which require thinking and problem-solving skills, so the stage is full of everything. Challenges, puzzles, action... etc. You'll have a grand old time.

STAGE TIPS: Think things through before you just jump in, because you will often find yourself in puzzling positions. Keep in mind that GutsMan CANNOT summon GutsBlocks on BombBlocks or GutsLifts, but he CAN summon them on top of any other kind of regular block, like Oil Blocks.

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ID 44823151-023


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