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"ASRs Flea Frenzy"
"Fleas are your friends."

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"ASRs Flea Frenzy"

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MegaManS BombMan ElecMan OilMan

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Stage Boss : PartyBall


I'm sure everyone's aware of my old "Painkiller" stage, in which you play as Rock and get damaged to stay alive. In that stage, you had to strategically get yourself damaged so you can cross large fields of spikes. In the stage, there was a message across the end that read "IMMORTAL BLINKY." Thus, I win. ^_^ On the same day that it was released, Iggy let loose his own similar stage, "Best Buds." Both of our stages were based on the same idea, but we hadn't known either of us were doing it. Anyway, Iggy recently released his sequel to "Best Buds," called "Best Buddies." It proved a worthy sequel.
Now... it's my turn, and I'm twisting everything together in a multi-path Flea Frenzy!


STAGE: "ASRs Flea Frenzy"

ID 44823151-022

PLAYABLE: "MegaMan S", "BombMan", "ElecMan", "OilMan"
BOSS: "Party Ball"
STAGE PACK: "Bomb Extra"
ENEMY PACK: "I forgot... one of the ones with Fleas in it..."

STAGE SUMMARY: To stay alive in this stage, you will need to have a Flea enemy follow you around and you must use it to continuously keep yourself damaged. This is so that you can traverse across large spike-filled chunks of the stage. The only enemies are Fleas, and they are no longer enemies. This level allows you to play as four different characters. All four start at the same point and stay on the same path as each other up until the second checkpoint. This is what I call the "orientation" area. Get used to what the stage is... from the second checkpoint on, each character deviates from the path at their own point in time, and none can go onto the others' paths. Each player has a drastically different way to play the stage, with obstacles designed specifically for them.
The difficulty varies for each character. Here's my ranking in order of least difficult to hardest (1 = easiest, 4 = hardest):
1 - OilMan
2 - MegaMan S
3 - BombMan
4 - ElecMan

They will all meet back up for the final stretch, with one final barrage of spikes before you can finish. I designed the stage so that it's outstanding for EACH character, and that each one deserves a 5 overall by itself. However, the stage is shorter for some characters, especially OilMan. The point, however, is that I want you to play through as each character, because the stage is different and unique to each one. I made a stage with REPLAY VALUE!!! Awesome, eh? COOL!!! YAY!!!!

STAGE TIPS: Fleas are your FRIENDS!!! They're SO friendly that by the end of the stage you'll find yourself lunging at them for no apparent reason!!!

NOTES: I made OilMan's path the easiest, much to Iggy's dismay. I made ElecMan's path the hardest, much to the dismay of the countless ElecMan fanboys. Hurray for me.

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ID 44823151-022


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