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"ASRs False Hopes"
"Expert Gauntlet... deception."

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"ASRs False Hopes"

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Stage Boss : FireMan

This stage is the pinnacle of my abilities to make a super-experts-only stage. It is not reccomended for those with little ability, and you'll notice that aside from the beginning and a detour after the first checkpoint, there are NO unlimited lives. It's even hard for me to beat. I finished it last night and I've been playtesting it since the morning. It's been rough - I FORCE myself to playtest my stage 5 times, as in completing it Boss and all, and this stage was giving me trouble, despite the fact that I made it.
It's made to psyche out the player, and it's also got some ultra-hard challenges in there as well.

STAGE: "ASRs False Hopes"

ID 44823151-021

PLAYABLE: "MegaMan S" (1 Health)
BOSS: "FireMan"
STAGE PACK: "Old Time"
ENEMY PACK: "Fine Pack 3"

STAGE SUMMARY: Well, this stage is... really something. I was going for a full-grid stage, but I ended up walling myself out from putting things in certain places. I didn't want to remove any of that extra stuff because it was all too perfect... This stage is MADE to psyche out the player. It's a mind***k stage, and it's GOING to trick you. There are puzzles, there are unexpected dead ends, there are traps, and there are lethal challenges. Sometimes you need to sit there and think things through, other times you have less than a couple of seconds to react, and other times you'll find yourself stuck at a dead end with no idea of where to go. But I promise you, the clues are all there, and you can figure everything out. Also, there are only two places with unlimited lives: the start, and an option Checkpoint after the first, which is basically a risk to get to, but WELL worth it. Also, you only have one health, but nobody's going to penalize you if you pick up some health from enemies along the way.

STAGE TIPS: Don't bother looking for tips. This is the kind of stage where you have to learn things on your own. That's the point of the stage.

Oh, one more thing... I used to be quite the writer, despite never finishing anything I tried to write... so here's a detailed introduction for my stage:

- False Hopes -

His eyes darted around the room as he desperately searched for any form of an escape. Thoughts flashed through his head in the form of undecipherable ideas, and he didn't have any time to sort them out. He was panicking. He was about to cry out in desperation when instead he heard something. The sound grew louder and louder, quickly rising in pitch. He could bear it no longer. With his arms bound to the seated machine, he had no way of covering his ears. After what seemed to him like hours, the noise ceased. Replacing it was a voice.
"Ah, MegaMan... this is a terrible way for it all to end, no?"
MegaMan simply shut his eyes. He didn't want to hear this. The voice continued, echoing from the speakers in the small dark room.
"You had all the chances in the world to simply leave, to simply walk away and just ignore it. But you have heart. For a robot, that's quite unbelievable, but it's obviously there. And it's obviously your biggest flaw."
As the voice droned on, MegaMan tightened his eyes and clenched his teeth. He preferred the endless, high-pitched screech over hearing these words.
"You see... it didn't have to be like this. I simply wanted to end all of this. I wanted to stop all of this destruction. The abundance of robots has done nothing good for this world. All they have done is for evil. The 'robot law' has long since gone to dust... they think for themselves now. You should know - you've been fighting them for years now."
He tightened his fists and his teeth ground together. He couldn't take it anymore. "Why are you doing this, Blues?! You're ONE of them! You're one of US! They don't deserve to die if they can't control themselves! It's not humane!"
A slight laugh was audible through the speaker. "There you go again with your talk of 'humanity', MegaMan. Of course it's not 'humane'! I'm not human. I don't have to abide by the laws of humans, and I don't have to abide by their morals either. The world has turned to chaos. There is nothing left for the humans... so why do you continue to fight for them?"
"I fight for them because that's what's RIGHT. That's what we're meant to do! To HELP humans! To help the world! We weren't built for destruction, we weren't built to fight!" MegaMan cut himself off and began to pant heavily, gasping for air. The constraints had been tightened.
"I'm sorry it has to be like this, MegaMan. You can live forever inside your own mind now... you're body will remain forever lifeless, but your mind will forever live on. The only way out is to never give in and stay determined... but I don't think you have it in you. I don't think you EVER had it in you."
The voice died down and the speakers went out with a crackle. The machine lit up around MegaMan and suddenly everything went black. MegaMan was locked inside his own mind, in his own world... the embodiment of all his troubles throughout life. There are many temptations and many twists that will lead him off, but with enough heart, he can bring himself back into the world and bring ProtoMan to his senses. If not, the world will perish and delve into chaos, as the destruction caused by the robots comes to an end by their own destruction.

The world lies in MegaMan's heart.

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ID 44823151-021


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