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"Fireman Medley"

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"Fireman Medley"

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MegaManS MM1Roll MM8Roll SportsRoll KnightRoll RainydayRoll
StrawRoll VacationRoll ProtoMan

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Stage Boss : FireMan

This stage is basically a remix of elements from the NES and Gameboy Fireman stages, along with some other features not found therein, such as the vanishing blocks and Guts lifts. Some areas of the stage will be slightly familiar to you if you've played the NES and Gameboy stages. There aren't quite as many enemies in this stage as there are environmental traps -- I made good use of the lava rails and Flamethrowers here. I would say this stage has a good bit more challenge than some of my others -- it took me about 5 continues to make it all the way to the end once I completed playtesting it. That's another thing -- this stage is much longer than a lot of my others too, at least in my opinion. I tried to use as much of the grid as I could and remain reasonable. Use Proto if you want it to be super-easy, as always. Megaman and Roll are about the same except Megaman has four master weapons to back him up. That's about all I really have to say.

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