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"Dangan Man"
"AKA Bullet Man"

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"Dangan Man"

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Mega Forte

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April 1st, 2008

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MegaManS MegaManC

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Stage Boss : BombMan

NAME: Dangan Man
Scenery Pack: Old Elec
Enemy Pack: Common Pack 4
Playable characters: Mega Man S, Mega Man C
Boss chararacter: Bomb Man
Series: 'Mega Man Remake'/ Wonderswan Rockman & Forte

This level latest and final tribute to the Wonderswan Rockman & Forte game, features Dangan Man (the 'Silver Bullet' from the future) as the last of the robot masters.

As his name implies, Dangan Man (or "Bullet Man") is a giant bullet. While some may question this design, this allows him to "fly" around the area towards his opponents, doing massive damage to them. Additionally, his body is incased in solid titanium, making him very difficult to damage. While not trying to crash into his opponents, his weapon, the Vulcan, can penetrate almost any type of body armor. Due to certain limitations in the level editor, Dangan Man had to be replaced by Bomb Man, despite his lack of ability to fly across the room like a guided missile. Since Dangan Man is weak against Aircon Man's Barrier Wind weapon, I have equipped Mega Man with the Ice Slasher, as well as Fireman's weapon from Konro Man's level, which is needed to take down Aircon Man in Rockman&Forte. You also start off with BombMan's weapon to clear the block-puzzle draw-bridge blocking your entrance to Dangan Man's fortress, as well as gain access to his secret lair.

You will start off this stage with almost all your life energy depleted from your last battle with Aircon Man as well as your weapon energy. But don't worry, there's plenty of hearts and energy refills lying all over the place, as well as swinging pendulums, moving platforms, electrodes, cannons, sniper-joes, watcher-droids, and bullets everywhere. Like all my previous Wonderswan remakes, the first half is a direct remake or port of Dangan Man's Wonderswan level, while the second half is an extension.

Good luck! The whole future of the MM Universe hangs in the balance of this battle.

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