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"Time to celebrate!!"

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Stage Boss : GutsMan

NAME: 1st Anniversary
Scenery Pack: Elec Extra
Enemy Pack: Fine Pack 12
Playable characters: Mega Man S (aka Slide Man)
Boss chararacter: Guts Man
Series: "Remake/multi-themed swan song"

Guess who's finally over the hill, and up in his 50s now in terms of C-Mode stage uploads!?!? That's right, after one whole year of non-stop fine-tuning my madd MM:PU construction levels, yours truly is finally in the "50 & Over" Senior/Veteran's club!

To celebrate I have created a massive, MASSIVE special surprise for all MM:PU players in my largest, most complete, awe-inspiring and somewhat nostalgic stage to date, in honor of my past 49 stages and on the '1-Year Anniversary' of my first stage uploaded. WOW! I really have come a looooong ways since then. :o

Like my first : 'Bomb Wars', I originally wanted to create this swan-song of a '50' stage with the minimalistic 'Bomb Starter' pack. But since I wanted to create something really special as a culmination of every neat little trick in the book I've learned in my past 365 days creating levels, I decided to go with something better equipped in the obstacle deparment, such as Elec Extra. For my 50th stage, you'll be put to the ultimate test as I've included almost every trick to the book, such as : telewarping blocks; fake-walls; ladder glitches; slide-glitches; time-bomb tricks; sudden slide-drop into a huge open pit; conveyor-belts; block-trains; disappearing blocks; guts-blocks; oil-grinding; adjacent ladders; wacky faces; and those strange round spike formations from Tora!Tora!Tora! Plus I used up every single room on the grid (except for 3), with the tile-block glitch used in every single one. Also check out the backgrounds for some hidden messages and shout-outs to some of my favorite MM-Web/internet friends like: Eric, Crazy Monkey, Iggy and more. Plus I even included the initials of my first stage ever (released exactly one year ago) and the number '50' at the beginning.

Since this anniversary stage is a compilation of every trick in the book that I've learned and used over the past year, I have also included a remake in the first half or 50% of the stage. That remake is of none other than MM7's Junk Man (Wily robot #50), as played by GutsMan who throws a lot of heavy cube-shaped junk like him. The metalls are in full force in this MM7 remake, as well as some pit-bombs for the tripropellers, crazy-razies instead of bunby-tanks, octopus-batteries replacing the cockaroaches, and foot-holders for the properides, even though they don't shoot at you. Also watch out for Blasters (wall-cannons) and Big-Eyes!! I'm sure all you MM7 fans out there will get a real kick out of that remake section in my 50th stage.


Here's to one more year of creating custom-made levels on MM:PU. Who knows, I might even have 50 more in me!!!!

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